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TRUSCEND Topwater Foam Frog Lure

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2.8in/7cm - 3pcs

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  • Excellent Buoyancy for Topwater Fishing-Truscend Camo Warrior lures unorthodox body profile, cupped sides, flat belly, and advanced balancing system were strategically calculated to facilitate a killer walk-the-dog action and produce an incredible amount of turbulence. It is equipped with an internal hidden weight system and an elongated body shape that makes it have a perfect position on the surface and allows anglers to create an effortless walk the dog action thanks to its streamlined design.
  • Ultra-low-density Material -Foam Warrior Frog is the milestone on the evolution of topwater frog lures. Made from high buoyancy foam, this lure features a low density and high durability on material. Its ultra-low-density material keeps water out, so the bait continues to float in all situations. Its lifelike molded body and buoyant action make it look like a juvenile frog nosing around and giving the appearance of an easy meal for any curious predators.
  • Fine-cut Blade Tail Skirting- It features a fine-cut single silicone tail that helps deliver additional subtle attraction and aid in the walking action as well. As an additional highlight, when the tail gets wet the extra weight from the water makes it more wind-resistant and allows for long-distance casts. Complete with perfectly trimmed rubber skirting, the frog is sure to draw big blow-ups.
  • Hidden Offset Hook Arrangement- To increase the hook-up ratio and avoid the snagged situation, the lure is equipped with the customized offset hook in the hidden groove. The wide gap design allows the body of the frog to move farther away from the hook points which is the key to the success. They feature surgically sharpened hook points to capitalize on those strikes missed due to inferior hooks. All these improvements make the lure a must-have one in every fishing enthusiast’s tackle box.

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