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TRUSCEND Monofilament Fishing Line Nylon Line

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  • UNBELIEVABLY OPERABILITY: Highly manageable and unbelievably soft, the Monofilament Line delivers long, quiet, and accurate casts allowing anglers to cover water faster and more efficiently than ever before. The suppleness, together with the low memory and smooth finish, result in the quiet way in which the line leaves the reel and slips though the rings.
  • EXCELLENT CASTABILITY: TRUSCEND Monofilament possesses a high abrasion-resistance and remarkable knot strength. The high linear tensile strength together with the good knot strength allows sudden acceleration at the beginning of the cast and enables the angler to cast great distances. Nylon’s perfectly round cross-section and smooth surface form the basis of its excellent castability with both multiplier and fixed spool reels.
  • EXCELLENT SHOCK ABSORPTION & WEAR RESISTANCE: Designed with one of the toughest finishes in the industry, the TRUSCEND Monofilament line is incredibly resistant to abrasion, making it an ideal choice for flipping or casting around rocks, brush, and thicket. Its elasticity give it good shock absorbing qualities, making it less likely that a fish will tear itself free of the hook in its desperate fight for freedom.
  • VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE: Low- & High-Vis Options TRUSCEND Fishing Monofilament Line made of import material to bring a new level of fishability to all. Fishing line of raw materials refractive index similar to natural water bodies, so it is nearly invisible in water, Reduces the prey's alertness. So it is also applicable in the clear waters. This is because it doesn't appreciably distort light passing through the line, and it's a huge factor in clear water and when targeting skittish fish.
  • HIGH MULTIFUNCTIONALITY:Our line delivers trustworthy performance that every level of angler can appreciate. It is worth mentioning the versatility of this nylon cord, which is available in different colors to suit different usage scenarios. In addition to using it for fishing, it also provides extra help when you need a line to tie something in various situations. Like hanging decorations, beading, DIY craft, hanging Christmas ornaments and various decorations around house.

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