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TRUSCEND Buzz Bait Fishing Lure

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  • Vigorous Spinning Action - This spinnerbait features a Unique free-spinning blade. Unlike the single-blade spinner baits, this blade baits excel at generating flash projecting a realistic bait-fish image for a long distance. What is more attractive, it presents a double-blade rotating action in the water, which is more attractive to fish and at the same time allows the angler to have a better feel and the fun of fishing.
  • Premium Components - This effective in-line spinner combines the pulsating rooster tail, an ultra-sharp treble Japan BKK hook, a machined cylindrical brass body and a stainless steel wire form to ensure excellent and long-lasting performance and enticement when retrieved slow or fast. The rugged solid brass blades will produce a thump you can feel all the way up to your shoulder. It's Fish Sense and it Makes Perfect Sense!
  • Extremaly Productive - Fitted with an instant-spin and bright blade that tempts fish into striking when nothing else will do, the TRUSCEND rooster tail fishing lures are a very effective kind of spinner baits that are used by many tournament anglers. They are precisely weighted to make it cast easily and consistently.
  • A Wide Range of Species - These time-tested bass fishing lures can be widely used to catch bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, snook. salmon etc. These baits will make a great addition to every one of your tackle boxes.

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